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This is a reminder that this Saturday, March 5, 2016 is our team party at Jolly Pumpkin, starting at 6 pm.  Please rsvp on Evite if you have not already done so; link to Evite is here.  

Also: this being a Hagerty Cycling Team party there will, of course, be an athletic contest!!!

And not just any athletic contest.  This will be a complete test of all aspects of your athletic ability; it will challenge your mind, probe the limits of your strength, and cause you to question the duration of your endurance.  

So prepare yourselves -- mentally, physically, and holistically -- for the one, the only


Details to follow, but for now, know this:


That's right.  The TriHagathon is an event so physically challenging, so overwhelming, and so incredibly awesome, that your shoes and socks are guaranteed to fly right off your feet!!!

(Which means that your feet, which for most of you have not seen the light of day since some time before the winter solstice, are going to be seen by all!)


for the sake of all our teammates and their families, not least the many women and small children who will be present -- 

Wear clean socks, and take all necessary preparations to prepare your bare feet for public viewing

That is all for now.

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