Abigail Jean

1. What do you love about riding your bicycle?
I enjoy going to new trails around Michigan and going fast on my bike.

2. What do you love about riding your bicycle for Hagerty?
I get to compete and participate in a sport that I really enjoy. Meeting new
people and getting a chance to ride with them during races and team training
rides for juniors.

3. What are some of your proudest moments or biggest accomplishments, on the
bike and in life?
Being on the podium for the races I participated at and getting faster during
the season.

4. Please tell us something about yourself and your life off your bike. What are
your hobbies, what do you do for your work, tell us something about yourself
that we don’t know.
I enjoy running, Nordic skiing, playing with my dog, and swimming. I did my
first bike race in Colorado at the age of 4 at one of my parent’s races


Hagerty Cycling Team

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