Barb Beauregard

I began riding a road bike when I was 47 I think.  I wasn’t keen on the idea of riding on the road with cars.  However, one day, I came home and Jacqui said, ‘daddy bought you a bike’.  I guess Mark knew me well figuring that once he got me on the bike, I’d love it. ...and I did.  We road with a group of TC friends for a few years, soon there after, Sue Vigland gave me a shout and I’ve been riding on the team ever since.

There’s nothing quite like riding in the woods for me, however.  I can be by myself or with cycling buddies.  We hop on the bikes and we’re off and upon return, I always feel high, ready to take on the world again. How do you explain it?  And the coolest thing?  With few exceptions, always a Hagerty team member or other lover of cycling (i.e. Don Chunkle) ready to play, riding with that grin on their face.  So much to learn, scary and fun at the same time.  I enjoy the team rides and training opportunities.  Teammates cheer you on at races, add humor (very important) share tips and strategies and help pick you up, literally and figuratively speaking, when things don’t go as planned.    

Getting 3rd at the State Road Race Championship in Marquette and 2nd at the Cherry Roubaix my first year on the Hagerty Team was pretty sweet (great coaching by fellow team member and expert racer Scott Pryde!).  But probably the best experience of all was this year at Iceman because my daughter Krissi, herself a great athlete was there to bring me to ktown, knowing just what to do and say and there to celebrate a great race result at the end. 

I’m a speech pathologist that works with students with cognitive impairments.  After 25+ years, I can say that I am humbled to have had the opportunity to both teach and learn from these children and their parents.  When I’m not working, cycling or (skate) skiing, you can find me in the kitchen, as I love to cook and eat, sponge on our German Short Hair poopy, Bella or watching college bball and Red Wing hockey.  My bags are always packed…love to travel! 


Hagerty Cycling Team

141 Rivers Edge Dr, #200
Traverse City, MI   49684