Breanne Fortuna

I love the sense of freedom I get when I ride, especially while screaming down a hill at speeds bordering on reckless. Plus the camaraderie amongst the lady Hags is a rare and special thing - a healthy blend of support and competition. 

Riding for Hagerty is definitely a point of pride. I've worked at the company for a little over four years and really started to get involved in cycling last fall. They offer so many opportunities to get involved that there's really no good reason not to. As a working mom, I took advantage of the 40 minute lunchtime classes and was won over by Melissa Socia's dedication and approachability as an instructor. Marci Bultemeier and Amy Jenema also took me under their wing and have been nothing but supportive and welcoming. I can't thank them, and all the other lady Hags, enough for being so damn great. 

So far on the bike, I'd have to say my proudest moment is finishing a late-wave start at Iceman 2014. Most painful experience since childbirth. Proudest moment off the bike?  My daughter, Harper, and my husband, Craig. 

I definitely have too many hobbies. I love to garden, and would love to someday own a farm. Growing up, I played volleyball, basketball and soccer, and I still play quite a lot of volleyball during the winter months. It's by far my favorite sport aside from biking. I also really enjoy playing guitar and piano, and singing not so well while I do those things.


Hagerty Cycling Team

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