Brian Beauchamp

1--I love riding my bike.  Always have. My favorite movies growing up were Rad and Quicksilver.  I saved up all my money and bought a GT Pro Performer freestyle BMX bike when I was 12.  I was planning to go pro but got involved in wrestling instead.  Now I get to wear a singlet (bibs) and suck weight just like I did in high school wrestling, which brings me back to my youth.  And that is why I love to ride and race, because it makes me feel young again and I get to hang with some cool people too.

2--When I first moved to Traverse City I would see the Hagerty racers out and every time I joined them on a ride I got dropped.  I thought they were so cool.  I looked up to them.  Now I get to ride with these fast, fine folks, and even though I still get dropped sometimes it's awesome to be pushed and challenged to ride with the best.

3--Every time I make it back to the city limits sign at the end of a Tuesday Night Ride still with the group is a proud moment on the bike. Other than that, my wedding day stands out as pretty awesome too!

4--When I'm not on the bike I'm either up on skis or working at my job with TART Trails Inc., a local non-profit working to enrich the Traverse region by providing a network of trails, bikeways, and pedestrian ways; and encouraging their use.


Hagerty Cycling Team

141 Rivers Edge Dr, #200
Traverse City, MI   49684