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Morgan Johnson

What do I love about racing and riding? I like the fact that you can ride everywhere you go, and you see the world from a different perspective, every time!  One of the main things I like is that ...

Beth Collins

1- What do you love about riding and racing your bicycle? I love the freedom of being outside onwheels. Racing is a blast especially because I came to bike racing 2013 after a 20 year hiatus from any kind of competitive ...

Breanne Fortuna

I love the sense of freedom I get when I ride, especially while screaming down a hill at speeds bordering on reckless. Plus the camaraderie amongst the lady Hags is a rare and special thing - a healthy blend of support and ...

Valerie Hyrman

I'm entering my second year of racing for Hagerty, and I have to say I've come a long way from that girl who knew absolutely nothing about bike racing. I've always loved going fast, and I'm ...

Jennifer Brown

What I love about riding my bike is being able to walk out the door and ride away, for an hour, or 4 hours, through pastoral rolling hills and past awe inspiring views of Lake Michigan. My bike is my freedom and ...

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