Dan Hofstra

What do you love about riding and racing your bicycle?

I love just seeing what's over the next hill. I race to motivate myself to ride more.

What do you love about riding and racing your bicycle for Hagerty?

I grew up in team sports and missed that motivation and comradery of the team. The Hagerty Masters has been one of the finest teams I have had the privilege to be a part of.

What are some of your proudest moments or biggest accomplishments, on the bike and in life?

My biggest accomplishment on the bike was riding from the Pacific to the Atlantic with my son and having the rest of my family pick us up on Tybee Island. 30 days, 3,500 miles, 125,000 feet of climbing.

Please tell us something about yourself and your life off the bike (hobbies, work, something we don't know)?

I'm an accountant and actually a motorhead (have had classic cars insured by Hagerty). I have enjoyed sports cars, and snowmobiling and dirt-biking with my kids. My faith in our Creator God is important to me and I enjoy His blessings and presence most often out on the bike seeing what's over the next hill.


Hagerty Cycling Team

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