Nick Amato

I am a sophomore at the University of Michigan with a focus in business administration and public health. This will be my second full year on the Hagerty Cycling Team.

I have always been very competitive since I was a child, and as I grew up my desire to compete only grew. When I ran my first running race I was six years old, and even today I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn’t anticipating and training for the next race. When I was 12 I raced my first “super-kids” miniature triathlon, and I believe it’s fair to say I was immediately hooked on the sport. I reflect on those memories of seven years ago with some significant accomplishments now under my belt. As a national duathlon champion in my age group, and as a collegiate triathlete racing the olympic distance for the University of Michigan, I attribute a great deal of my success to the Hagerty Cycling Team for helping me hone my potential as a cyclist and all around athlete. Furthermore, racing and training with the Hagerty team has not only helped me improve athletically, but has helped me grow as a person. The bonds and friendships I have made with junior riders, masters, and all members of the team I am certain will last a lifetime. I consider myself blessed to be a part of an incredibly tightknit community, and to train amongst such inspirational athletes who always inspire me to do my best. 

Some of my most significant accomplishments on and off the bike in 2015 would be as follows…

Duathlon Age Group National Champion

14th Overall at Mid-East Olympic Distance Collegiate Triathlon Championships

5th Overall in the M-22 Challenge

1st in age group at the Detroit Marathon (2:51:17)

2nd Overall at Lumberman Sprint Tri

2nd Overall at Inter-Rockin Sprint Tri

2nd Overall at Traverse City Sprint Tri

1st Overall team in the Arctic Triple Relay with Craig Webb and Cliff Onthank

1st Overall in over five running races including the Zombie Run and Turkey Trot


Hagerty Cycling Team

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