Peter Worden

What do you love about riding and racing your bicycle?

As an attorney and as a dad I have a lot of responsibilities and a lot of times it is hard to see the results of what I am doing. What I like about riding and racing bikes is that you get to see the concrete results right away; how well you do is the direct result of the training you put into it. It also gives me a regular break from the daily grind – it’s something relatively simple to focus on for a few hours at a time which lets me not think about the million-plus problems on my desk or at home, and then I can come back to those other things refreshed and ready to take them on.

What do you love about riding and racing your bicycle for Hagerty?

I like having the opportunity to share my hobby with people who have the same interest, and I like how easy it is to find riding partners and bounce ideas off one another. It has also been a real privilege to ride with the Master’s squad, a lot of people don’t appreciate this but road racing is truly a team effort – we all have to sacrifice and work together in order for one of us to get a result. Growing up I wasn’t very coordinated so I’d gravitated toward endurance sports – and these tended to be sports where I competed alone. It was nice, especially relatively later in my life, to finally get to participate in a sport where we had to work together as a team.

What are some of your proudest moments or biggest accomplishments, on the bike and in life?

On the bike, it’s been an incredible experience working with junior racers on Hagerty Cycling and elsewhere in our community. I’ve helped run a junior bike race out on the VASA as part of the Speed of Light ride every Thursday in the summer. My proudest moment to date came at Iceman 2017, when I saw so many kids from that program crushing their age groups and taking the podium – they even dominated the top 15 of the Slush Cup, including the overall win! Two years before many of them had to walk that first hill to the start at Speed of Light – now they were beating the adults! It’s just been a great privilege to see these kids progress.

In life, I have to say it’d be my kids. Seriously, I have to say that.

Please tell us something about yourself and your life off the bike (hobbies, work, something we don’t know)?

My hobby used to be flying airplanes. Those of you who have seen me attempt to navigate single track understand why I felt I had to give that up.


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