Richard "Rick" Bielewicz

Masters 45+

My 2015 road racing season was brief. There just weren't many races available to me this year. However, the MTB bike docket was almost full. And again just like 2014, injury took me out of commission for the month of August ~ Trees are stronger than bone. As 2016 kicks off, I'm looking forward to riding with the men and women of Hagerty Blue and all the local riders that make this area great. I still have much to learn on tactics and technique but I'm ready! For me it's not about being the best, just about being better than I was yesterday. Let's all ride hard to be fit and strong but more importantly let's ride safe! Please, promise yourselfs not to drive distracted!


Hagerty Cycling Team

141 Rivers Edge Dr, #200
Traverse City, MI   49684