Dennis Bean-Larson

Masters 55+

Bicycles take us to places we might never see, whether it's simply a beautiful trail deep in the woods or a place we see within ourselves that we can only near the top of the biggest climb or at the end of the longest pull into the wind. Every day is a new adventure when you're on a bicycle.

Blue is my favorite color. To be wearing my favorite color and representing Traverse City wherever I ride or race is pretty darn cool. To do so in the company of the many fine people on this team just makes it the biggest honor.

My biggest wins on the bike include my PR of 325 miles at the 2007 National 24 Hour, and the 2012 and 2014 Michigan State Cyclocross Championships. As great as those are they fall far behind my biggest wins in life - finding Katy, and our two children Lindsay and Carl who, as adults, both ride their bikes daily and have found both their individuality and community accomplishment thorough bicycles.

We just love the creative spirit here Traverse City. We've been married for 39 years and every season of every year has seen us working together on some fascinating activity here in the Grand Traverse area. Racing sled dogs, operating a carriage service, building our own house, serving our real estate clients for 25 years, and lately developing, manufacturing, and distributing a food product - our workplace has always been our challenge. Oh and besides that, and when there's some spare time off the bike, I'm a potter, a model railroader, and a writer.


Hagerty Cycling Team

141 Rivers Edge Dr, #200
Traverse City, MI   49684