Logan Keely

Some of my favorite things about biking are the challenges you face while riding on single track, single track riding requires a lot of small changes and it requires you to be constantly thinking about the next set of difficulties. This type of riding is my favorite because it is a very active, also because it never allows you to become bored.

The reason I like riding with Hagerty is because there are lots of people on the team who are very encouraging and supportive. It’s also nice to be a part of such a successful team, with a good reputation and a large number of members.

 One of my proudest accomplishments in biking is finishing the iceman in 2015 with a time of 2.38.01.

This race was done on my fatbike, which I have grown to love over the past year and a half.  I have also completed 10 other races (in 2015) on the same bike.

When I’m not racing bikes, I like to drive r/c cars, I like to go skiing, I also like fishing, hunting, hiking, and boating.


Hagerty Cycling Team

141 Rivers Edge Dr, #200
Traverse City, MI   49684