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Tim Barrons

I have been on the Hagerty Cycling team since it began in 2007. I’ve watch the sport of cycling grow in our area and have been happy and lucky to be a part of such a great team. There was a ...

Nick Amato

I am a sophomore at the University of Michigan with a focus in business administration and public health. This will be my second full year on the Hagerty Cycling Team.

Peter Worden

What do you love about riding and racing your bicycle?

Brian Beauchamp

1--I love riding my bike.  Always have. My favorite movies growing up were Rad and Quicksilver.  I saved up all my money and bought a GT Pro Performer freestyle BMX bike when I was 12.  I was ...

Brian Hofstra

I've been on the Hagerty cycling team for 7 years now and work for Hagerty insurance as well. My favorite discipline has changed over the years from road racing to mountain bike racing and not fat bike racing.


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